Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I sigh right now, of all the things that I carry in me. The things that I have to understand and the things that is out of my reach. But the irony of it is, for this is not a something but of someone. I am a mess right now, for it seems that the confussion is twirling around me and the chaos is consuming me and all that is around me. I feel the diziness from all of the concerns that tries to put me off guard and let me slip from my foothold. I am bruised and battered one way or another. Every step a takes seems to lead me to more trouble and pain. But even with a hundred gallons of blood and tears are shed, I would not falter. I cannot and would not do as such. My reasons out done everything else and I will keep what I promise, for I would not make another one to anyone any more. I haved decided already, that even with the fatique in me, wheather or not the second wind touches me. I will be there, beside whom I want to be. Only such wish of her, will I try to follow.