Sunday, July 26, 2009


You come and go as you please
But you left me hanging as you tease
For all you know is yours and fine
While I must set aside what is mine

You come and go as you like
While my short comings you strike
Each one and each more, you smirk
As you throw more and more dirt

You command and demand than care
And I'm not allowed to argue if I dare
You go now and belittle me
You just see, what you want to see

You just over look on what I have
To pull it down to your level and laugh
Someday I'll build my wall and armor
And you will do as you please no more

Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 months

I'm planning for someone special and although it is 2 months from now, I already plan that far ahaed just for her. What I'm planning is to compile a 2 months worth of work starting right now.

"Sleep tight. July 13, 2009"

As you sleep my Love, I dream awake of you, peacefully floating off to the dream world.

July 26

but I see as well the perils we come across and though my heart pounds restless upon our meeting I feel the ache of our arguments and ordeals that we must face. Even a potion of uncertainty from ingredients of a cup of anxiety, a dash of jealousy, a sprinkle of the unknown and pinch of frustration from wanting each other badly.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beyond Reach

Right now, all I hear is noise, all I can feel is tension and I am is a body full of stress in my eyes it can all be seen and felt but it is me right now. I don't expect anyone who can actually carry my load for it is given to me and to ask another is unfair as far as I'm concerned. But right now I shiver to all of its weight I feel cold right now. I feel alone. So I'm calling out, a little help from those who could give. I can not ask what can not be given so I ask what could be spared to me. I want to share this burden but I'm at a lost on how. It is too heavy, too private, too personal that I can't really be articulate on how to say it but I refuse to become out of reach, it is not too late for me, but I need help and right now I ask anyone who could..

Help me, please....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


For now, Although some things are left unresolved it seems they will be soon and for all that it is worth, it is worthwhile knowing, believing and loving my special someone. Times goes by so fast when your late, in need of more time, and just having fun. But at the same time it goes cruelly in snail pace when your a prisoner of such. I do not have much time for now. Yet I will be able to go to whom I wanted to be. May my guard to one self prove stronger instead of weaker

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tired of being tried

With a heavy burden I take pity on my site, it seems that the only time I post here is to give off as much sadness and sorrow. I'm tired, damn it I'm really tired. I don't want to fight, I don't want to argue I don't want anything to do with fighting and arguing within this hectic world, even within my world, my life. I want to shed tears but I worry and fear that they have dried up and even if they didn't dry up I don't want another one to drop senselessly. I pray and ask for strength but it seems I'm still so fragile, within the twirls of up and down and all emotions. I am a prey of those I ask and trust so blindingly not to hurt me. But where am I right now, where am I, I am in the mercy of her hands that I feel so pathetic because it seems that she has the butterfly effect on me. A little flutter of her wings brings forth the hurricane in me. I don't want it anymore and I don't know if I should already give up and step away. I really don't know what to do anymore, I don't want to quit on her but she seems so keen and so easily ready to quit on me that every month I have to argue why we need to stay together again and again and again until I'm at ends wit. I need help I don't know what I should do. I feel so down I wish I know what I should do, and to have the resolve to do it.

Am I taken for granted? What should I do? A couple of days of nothing but a rain of sweet words " I Love You" and "I miss you" then followed by a tornado of " I hate you, lets break up because I just want it". What the hell should I do about something like this?!

I am lost

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dropping anvils

I breathe easy today as I know of the success that will come at hand, although this would be very short the battle was a long and struggling one. My heart could have shown its scars but I dare not bring about the list, and so:


you can now get your 4 years worth of "paper"

Friday, January 9, 2009


As I find myself dying slowly of weariness coming out the clash between two significant entity in my life, slowly I asked, "Why can't you two get along". You my reader, whoever you might be , who stumble upon this. I want you to know this pain I keep. But the pain is more of secret pain like all other closet filled pain within the warehouse of secrets I have, hence me having the burden to carry each and everything in it. Though, someday, it would inevitable come, haunt me down and kill me. I can only do is smile for all of us will die someday.

And no, I am not being pessimistic, in any case it is an optimistic view still to be able to discern something that one might say as gruesome. But back to the story on mine.

Boulders, I say! both of them:

On one side I hold, someone, a special someone I hold so ever dear, so ever loved, my baby. I know her to feel the utmost sense of the word emotion and I will not hold it against her to be like that, for I always have shown affection and appreciation that she could feel. But on this night, that seems to take a blow upon her, and of course it does pain me too.

On the other side, the apathetic parents that I have, which mostly revolves around my mother whom is old fashioned and strict, overly that suffocates me and I fear that one of these days I will have to stand up and voice out that I need my freedom to grow to become a better person, about the world. But I will not shelter her other half, my father whom has his own share of fault to which I say not only offended my special someone but me as well. His words, have left a trauma to her that I can not ease.

So please, given such ordeal. If anyone can hear me out there please help me what to do

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To whom I concern myself with Part 1

Close your eyes so that I can whisper in your ears. The words that are ever so heart felt. All to whom are for you. To Whom I concern myself with. Can you move a little closer my Love? So that I could entangle my arms around you and hold you tight, then look your face, your lips, your eyes and every sight of you that I could ever have.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The 9th year of the second millennium

The 9th year of the second millennium, who would have thought I would make it in an almost sane manner. Although at times my hopes are down while looking at the wild, dim horizon. I look forward upon it with my family, friends and of course, my special someone and with that I wish all that who would read this all the luck, love and life to live by this year and all the years to come.

A fresh start, a new beginning, what more can anyone ask for but another chance. ^^