Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beyond Reach

Right now, all I hear is noise, all I can feel is tension and I am is a body full of stress in my eyes it can all be seen and felt but it is me right now. I don't expect anyone who can actually carry my load for it is given to me and to ask another is unfair as far as I'm concerned. But right now I shiver to all of its weight I feel cold right now. I feel alone. So I'm calling out, a little help from those who could give. I can not ask what can not be given so I ask what could be spared to me. I want to share this burden but I'm at a lost on how. It is too heavy, too private, too personal that I can't really be articulate on how to say it but I refuse to become out of reach, it is not too late for me, but I need help and right now I ask anyone who could..

Help me, please....

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