Friday, January 9, 2009


As I find myself dying slowly of weariness coming out the clash between two significant entity in my life, slowly I asked, "Why can't you two get along". You my reader, whoever you might be , who stumble upon this. I want you to know this pain I keep. But the pain is more of secret pain like all other closet filled pain within the warehouse of secrets I have, hence me having the burden to carry each and everything in it. Though, someday, it would inevitable come, haunt me down and kill me. I can only do is smile for all of us will die someday.

And no, I am not being pessimistic, in any case it is an optimistic view still to be able to discern something that one might say as gruesome. But back to the story on mine.

Boulders, I say! both of them:

On one side I hold, someone, a special someone I hold so ever dear, so ever loved, my baby. I know her to feel the utmost sense of the word emotion and I will not hold it against her to be like that, for I always have shown affection and appreciation that she could feel. But on this night, that seems to take a blow upon her, and of course it does pain me too.

On the other side, the apathetic parents that I have, which mostly revolves around my mother whom is old fashioned and strict, overly that suffocates me and I fear that one of these days I will have to stand up and voice out that I need my freedom to grow to become a better person, about the world. But I will not shelter her other half, my father whom has his own share of fault to which I say not only offended my special someone but me as well. His words, have left a trauma to her that I can not ease.

So please, given such ordeal. If anyone can hear me out there please help me what to do

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yella_=) said...

okay ka lang bro? okay na lahat?